Intended Audience:
This program is intended for all healthcare professionals who work with patients suffering from problematic opioid drug dependence and addiction.

Program Design
This program offers two different learning approaches:

The full version of the program consists of 6 distinct self-guided learning modules. Taking approximately 6 hours to complete, this version provides an extensive overview of problematic opioid drug dependence and its treatment with SUBOXONE®. Once you begin the program, your progress will automatically be saved and you can re-enter at any time. In order to obtain the completion certificate for this program you may take the modules in any order; however, you must complete the Progress Checks, Case Studies and Tests for Modules 1 through 6. Addiction specialists, psychiatrists, medical students, and counsellors may find this version of the program useful.*

The abridged version of the program includes an introduction to the scope and nature of problematic opioid drug dependence, and advice on how to manage safe and effective treatment with SUBOXONE®. This 1-hour review includes commentary led by Joel Bordman MD, D.I.A.P.M. D.C.A.P.M. F.I.S.A.M., a family physician with special interest in treating opioid drug dependence. In order to obtain the completion certificate for this program you must review the complete video. General practitioners, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists may find this version of the program useful.*

Note: The SUBOXONE® Training Program is not an accredited Continuing Medical Education program.

* Not limited to these professionals.
Joel Bordman will receive compensation from Indivior Canada Ltd., the sponsor of the SUBOXONE Training Program, for presenting during this program.

The initial draft of this program was developed by the following physicians:

  • Melissa Holowaty MD CCFP
  • Louis-Christophe Juteau MD CCFP
  • Mel Kahan CCFP FCFP
  • Mandy Manak MCFP
  • Hakique Virani MD FRCPC

And pharmacist:

  • George P. Budd, Pharm.D. B.Sc. (Pharm) R.Ph.

With special thanks to Brian Conway MD FRCPC

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